Tuesday, February 11, 2014

Fred Sterk & Sjoerd Swaen

One of the basic ingredients for gaining self-confidence is having an optimistic attitude.

This book: "Feeling Stronger: Building Your Inner Strength" will help you find optimism and calm confidence within yourself. It contains the following new collection of proven psychotherapeutic self-help titles:

 * Optimism and self-confidence
 * Don't worry, be mindful
 * Quit feeling so guilty!
 * Closer to love
 * Overcoming procrastination

Psychologists Fred Sterk and Sjoerd Swaen are, in addition to their work as psychotherapists, bestselling authors of a series of successful self-help books. Their books are widely used in the Netherlands as ‘motivation-books’ in the areas of mental-health, education and business/management.

Also available on iBookstore, Kobobooks , Bol.com